Freeware Picks

Gizmo’s Tech Support Alert is a great resource for finding legitimate freeware that, oftentimes, rival applications you are required to pay for.

A few that I use and highly recommend are:

  • CCleaner: Formerly branded as “Crap Cleaner”, CCleaner is a system optimizer that cleans temporary files from Windows operating system and a number of 3rd party applications, repairs the registry, uninstalls/removes programs from Uninstall menu and allows user to cleanup start menu, etc.
  • Defraggler: File fragmentation can lead to system performance issues so regular defragmentation is recommended. Defraggler defragments drives (including USB flash drives) quickly and efficiently.
  • FileZilla: Offers client and server FTP capabilities.
  • Picasa: In addition to allowing users to organize and edit digital photos, Picasa allows users to geotag photos in Google Earth and upload/synchronize photos to Picasa Web Albums. Picasa offers a number of other options including; printing photos, emailing photos to friends, adding photos to your blog, buying prints online, video support, and a one-step backup/restore feature.
  • IZarc: A file archiving tool that is compatible with over 48 formats (including .iso and .bin). 7-Zip is another good pick.
  • SUMo: SUMo (which stands for Software Update Monitor) allows you to keep your computer up to date by ensuring you are using the most recent version of your installed software. It will scan your computer and let you know which software is up to date, requires a minor update (i.e. v1.0.11 to v1.0.12) or what requires a major update (i.e. v1.0.11 to v2.0.1). You are required to download/install the software updates manually but at least you have a centralized resource that allows you to know what updates are required and where to download them from.