Sam Fender: You’re Not The Only One

Like most middle-aged folks, my music listening preferences deviate from the bland, substanceless drivel the music industry is pushing their naive teenage audiences these days (this sentence is best read in Grampa Simpson voice). Like most things in life, there are exceptions where a few young artists have undeniable talent and receive some mainstream attention. Sam Fender is one such example as, in 2019 at the relatively tender age of 25, the multi-talented English singer, songwriter, and actor released his debut album (Hypersonic Missiles) with a number of quality songs. Sam’s voice is reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and Dallas Green (City and Colour). This post’s featured video, and my favorite song on the album, is You’re Not The Only One but the title track (Hypersonic Missiles), Play God, That Sound, Saturday, and Two People are also great listens.

PS Check out following live videos to gain a better appreciation of Sam’s talent and charisma (the second video includes an epic cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark):