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Half Moon Run

So incredibly stoked to catch Half Moon Run with Natalie in St. John’s this Summer (2nd row)! Such a tremendously talented Canadian (Montreal-based) band. Their album, Dark Eyes, is a perfect album and (in my humble opinion) one of the greatest debut albums of all time. This video is from Massey Hall (Toronto) in December…

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Sam Fender: You’re Not The Only One

Like most middle-aged folks, my music listening preferences deviate from the bland, substanceless drivel the music industry is pushing their naive teenage audiences these days (this sentence is best read in Grampa Simpson voice). Like most things in life, there are exceptions where a few young artists have undeniable talent and receive some mainstream attention….

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LP: Lost On You

LP (Laura Pergolizzi) is an American singer/songwriter. In 2001, she hit the music scene with her debut album titled Heart-Shaped Scar, followed it up with Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol in 2004 and then focused on writing songs for other artists until 2014 when she released Forever for Now. She popped up on the mainstream radar in…

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