Animal Rescue

A heart-warming tale about wildlife rescue emphasizing the need for Diego to clarify for his young audience, in no uncertain terms, that he only saves animals that are alive…with heads intact:

Day 1 @ 8:00pm: The Lie

Natalie: “William (a boy at her daycare) picked up a dead mouse at daycare today!”

Lisa: “Did you touch it?”

Natalie: “No”

Day 1 @ 8:15pm: The Spin

Lisa: “Natalie, are you sure you didn’t touch that dead mouse?”

Natalie: “Ok…I did but I just stroked his cute, furry belly

Day 2 @ 8:00am: The Truth

Lisa: “Did the kids touch a dead mouse yesterday?”

Natasha (Daycare Provider): “Yes…Natalie brought a headless mouse into the house and said she was an animal rescuer”