U2: Toronto Concert

Added U2 Concert Album to Picasa Web Albums. I have been a dedicated U2 fan since the early 90’s when I got into Achtung Baby so this mini-review is more than a little biased.

I caught U2 live in Toronto during the PopMart Tour in 1997 but, due to varying circumstance, regret not being able to attend their last few tours. There was a lot of fuss in the media with regards to the 360 degree stage concept and it’s been widely reported that U2 won’t break even on this tour until mid-2010 which, if nothing else, demonstrates their commitment to putting on a good show (and /or poor business sense). However, in my opinion, the 360 stage with all it’s bells and whistles, was a silent partner in the overall production and did not distract from the music. All in all, it was a great show that Lisa and I will remember for years to come. Below is some video footage we took of the concert.

  • Part I: U2 hitting the stage with Kingdom of Your Love (rumoured to be on potential U2 2010 summer album called “Songs of Ascent”) then breaking into Breathe off New Line on the Horizon (released February, 2009).

  • Part II: U2 finishing up Get On Your Boots from No Line on the Horizon (released February, 2009). Incidentally, this song was the lead single for the album (to mixed reviews) but it broke through in the 5 year-old demographic as Natalie was running around the house singing “let me in the sound” for a few weeks.

  • Part III: Bono injecting some “Torontoisms” into the concert between Magnificent and Beautiful Day.

  • Part IV: Arguably, one of the most fun parts of the show (for band and audience alike) with remix of I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight.