Silverchair: Young Modern

If you’re old enough to recall the grunge movement you may vaguely recall Australian band Silverchair.

Founded in 1992, Silverchair’s 1995 debut album Frogstomp was recorded in 9 days and contained hits Israel’s Son and Tomorrow. Since then, Silverchair released three commercial releases Freak Show (1997), Neon Ballroom (1999) and Diorama (2002) before taking an extended break prior to releasing Young Modern (2007).

For pop culture relevance, Silverchair’s lead singer is Daniel Johns who recently split from Natalie Imbruglia (hopefully, this obscure fact will prove useful in Trivial Pursuit at the in-laws some day). Anyway…to the point of this post. Unfortunately (for me) I had not kept up with Silverchair since Frogstomp so I was blissfully unaware of their creative evolution when I came across Young Modern. From the opening track (Young Modern Station), I was immediately immersed in an extraordinary-sounding album with clever lyrics. Three tracks (my favorite of which is Those Thieving Birds) boast instrumental collaborations with Van Dyke Parks and add flavor to the overall listening experience. In conclusion, a great album which most folks basic pop/rock/alternative tastes should enjoy!

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