Kasabian, The Stills & Ian Brown

A few bands that are on incessant rotation on the iPod these days:

  • Kasabian: An English band from Leicester, UK. Very catchy, radio-friendly songs. Most folks have heard a Kasabian song without knowing it (used in TV and movies frequently).
  • The Stills: A Canadian band from Montreal, Canada. 80’s rock sound. On July 20, 2008, Paul McCartney hand-picked them to open for him in front of over 350,000 concert-goers in Quebec City.
  • Ian Brown: An English singer from Manchester, UK. Former front-man for the legendary (but short lived) Stone Roses which are largely credited with paving the way for modern brit-pop bands (such as Oasis). Since the Stone Roses’ breakup in 1996, Ian Brown has had a very successful solo career in the UK and Europe.